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I’m so looking forward to the colder weather! It means I get to snuggle up with blankets, cats, and hot chocolate and no one can blame me for not wanting to do anything. There’s just a calm, cozy magic to the season that has nothing to do with the holidays, don’t you think?


But it also happens to be my 8th rezday. Yeah, I know.. I put up an embarrassing collage and a pair of pictures to pile up should anyone be interested.

Here’s your junk:


Couch: Second Spaces – snow day window seat (10 LI, mod/copy) @ Collabor88

Table: Dust Bunny – lumberjack’s table (1 LI, mod/copy) @ The Arcade


Rug: 8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Carpet (4 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Basket of Apples: 8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage Apple Basket (2 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Apples: Trompe Loeil – Apple Single (1 LI, mod/copy)

Cats: Fashionably Dead – Posed Cats (4 LI, trans)

Lights: floorplan – hanging star light (3 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Mini Trees: Dust Bunny – twinkley twigs (1 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Crates: floorplan – vintage crate (1 LI, mod/trans) and parisian crates (2 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Box of Logs: MudHoney – Log Box (2 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Candles: floorplan – candle box (4 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Kettle: Dust Bunny – kettle (1 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Mug: Dust Bunny – cookies & cocoa (1 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Mittens: Dust Bunny – hanging mittens (1 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Books: Second Spaces – snow day books (1 LI, mod/copy) @ Collabor88

Ladder: 8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage Ladder 2 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade

Snow Globe: Dust Bunny – snow globe (1 LI, mod/trans) @ The Arcade


The Manor


Another one of the builds from this round of The Arcade is The Manor from Rageworks, and boy, does it ever live up to its regal name.

This massive open plan skybox is perfect for just about anything you want to do with it, be it residential or commercial. Split into three rooms, there is a lobby, an upstairs, and a massive great room with the fabulous windows you see below!

The Manor

There are a ton of amazing details that showcase the amazing quality of work, like the ceilings, the door frames, the windows, the fireplace, the stairs, the balconies.. Should I keep going? This is definitely a build that is worth the trouble to find!

The Manor

There’s four colours to find, white, black, soft blue, and soft pink, all of which are beautiful in their own right. Thankfully, the bottle neck at The Arcade is gone, so it’s much easier to get into.



Every time Elsa releases a new build, I get so excited, and with good reason! New for The Arcade is this modern, yet classic, little piece is definitely a must have!


The Mimi skybox is one big, open split-level room with windows flanking two of the four sides. There’s also a little balcony outside to make it so your view isn’t plain and boring! You can change the bush textures, or remove them all together, and even turn the string lights on and off.


There are 8 colours to win, and if you’re lucky, you could get the rare, which includes a HUD that allows you to pick from every single colour for 5 different wall sections, and the door, plus two flooring textures.

Even if you don’t get the rare (cause, c’mon, why wouldn’t you want it?) each colour is beautiful in its own right, and you absolutely need to try out this machine.

Season’s Greetings


So often we revert to the same style for the holidays, no matter what holiday it might be. Because of this, I tried to do something different, something unexpected, something.. fun!

More often than not, you can use everyday items, ones not originally intended for holiday use, to creative a festive feel. Just coordinate! Use the same colours, shapes, and designs that you see in your traditional holiday decoration, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Season's Greetings

Here’s your junk:


Table: Cheeky Pea – Los Robles Coffee Table (2 LI, mod/copy) @ Geeks’n’Nerds 2014

Couch: Cheeky Pea – Los Robles Sofa (3 LI, mod/copy) @ Geeks’n’Nerds 2014


Tree: Trompe Loeil – Funky Christmas Tree (4 LI, mod/copy)

Star Strings: Cheeky Pea – Star Hanging Garland (1 LI, mod/copy) @ Kustom 9

Boxes: Second Spaces – trinket box (1 LI, mod/copy)

Tins: Second Spaces – Ready to Bake cookie tins (1 LI, mod/trans)

Tree Skirt: MudHoney – Tree Skirt (1 LI, mod/trans) NEW! @ The Arcade

Bulb String: MudHoney – Bulb Garland (2 LI, mod/trans) NEW! @ The Arcade

Chalk Bunting: Second Spaces – chalk banner (5 LI, mod/copy)

Fireplace: Second Spaces – portable mantel (2 LI, mod/copy)

Stars: Trompe Loeil – Star Duo Ground Lamps (1 LI, mod/copy)

Tin Trees: MudHoney – Mercury Glass Trees (2 LI, mod/trans) NEW! @ The Arcade

Candles: Cheeky Pea – Virginia Candles (3 LI, mod/copy)

Art: Cheeky Pea – Los Robles Art (2 LI, mod/copy) @ Geeks’n’Nerds 2014

Lights: Cheeky Pea –  Los Robles Ball Lights (4 LI, mod/copy) @ Geeks’n’Nerds 2014

Basket: Trompe Loeil – Ashdon Pillow Basket (2 LI, mod/copy)

Rug: Cheeky Pea – Los Robles Rug (3 LI, mod/copy) @ Geeks’n’Nerds 2014

That’s A Wrap


It’s that season again.. You can smell it in the air, hear the whispers from your friends, and feel the fearful quivering of your wallet. Yes, Arcade is just around the corner.

A ton of new designers have been invited this round, but lots of your favourites are still here, like Second Spaces, who has been participating since last December. There’s so much to be had, and with the Shopping Guide out, you can see all the amazing things to be had!

That's A Wrap

Here’s your junk:


Table: Second Spaces – Wrap It Up table (1 LI, mod/trans) NEW! @ The Arcade

Chair: tarte – worn stool (2 LI, mod/trans) NEW! @ The Arcade


Boxes: Second Spaces – Wrap It Up ready to wrap (1 LI, mod/trans) NEW! @ The Arcade

Wrapping Paper: Second Spaces – Wrap It Up wall paper rack (3 LI, mod/trans) NEW! @ The Arcade

Ribbon Rack: Second Spaces – Wrap It Up ribbon shelf (1 LI, mod/trans) NEW! @ The Arcade

Tool Rack: Second Spaces – Wrap It Up tool shelf (1 LI, mod/trans) NEW! @ The Arcade

Plant: tarte – tea planter  (1 LI, mod/trans) NEW! @ The Arcade

Label Trays: Second Spaces – Wrap It Up tray of labels (1 LI, mod/trans) NEW! @ The Arcade

Bows: Second Spaces – Wrap It Up bowl of bows (1 LI, mod/trans) NEW! @ The Arcade

Half Wrapped Present: Second Spaces – Wrap It Up wrap in progress (1 LI, mod/trans) NEW! @ The Arcade

Crate: tarte – crate seat (2 LI, mod/trans) NEW! @ The Arcade

Pinecones: Cheeky Pea – Pinecone Hanging Garland (4 LI, mod/copy) @ Kustom 9

Stars: Cheeky Pea – Star Hanging Garland (1 LI, mod/copy) @ Kustom 9

Photo Board: tarte – repurposed shutter (2 LI, mod/trans) NEW! @ The Arcade

Presents: Second Spaces – Wrap It Up ready to give (1 LI, mod/trans) NEW! @ The Arcade

Ladder: tarte – ladder display (4 LI, mod/trans) NEW! @ The Arcade