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Even if FaMESHed has been going for a few weeks now, I wanted to be sure that you saw the beautiful Roanna bed from Trompe Loeil. It’s just so plush and comfy and.. luxurious!


With three frame options, and a large selection of textures for each set, there’s a ton of different styles and looks you can create to match anything you’re going for.

I also never saw the hype in materials.. until I saw this bed. I finally noticed materials and what they can actually do to a piece, and holy crap, am I ever a convert.


Here’s your junk:


Bed: Trompe Loeil – Roanna Bed (11 LI, mod/copy) @ FaMESHed

Table: floorplan – coastal sideboard (3 LI, mod/copy) @ The Seasons Story


Rug: floorplan – waves rug (3 LI, mod/copy) @ The Seasons Story

Book Pile: DIGS – Aisling Reading Pile (3 LI, mod/copy)

Books: Apple Fall – Books (1 LI, mod/copy) and what next – Charlotte Books (2 LI, mod/copy)

Glass: Dutchie – glass of water (2 LI, mod/copy)

Flowers: Dutchie – glass vase with 3 flowers (5 LI, mod/copy)

Mirror: DIGS – Aisling Mirror (1 LI, mod/copy)

Twigs: keke – winter bottle (1 LI, mod/copy)

Lamp: home – birdcage lamp (1 LI, mod/copy)

Love Seat


Dutchie has an amazing new living room set, another addition to the lovely little home, that happens to have a lot of sex furniture (yay!), that she will (hopefully) release in a couple months.

This classy little loveseat comes with matching armchairs, both which have texture change options, but we really know the best part about it is the goodies packed inside the couch that really steal the show.

Love Seat Read the rest of this entry

Locker Room


I’m totally in love with Nikontin’s stuff for The Mens Dept. It’s one of those things that I didn’t know I needed until I had it. It’s simple, all they are, are cigarette butts, but it’s one of those small details that can really tie a look together.

Locker Room

Here’s your junk:


Bench: junk – old school tube bench (3 LI, mod/copy) NEW! @ The Mens Dept

Locker: junk – morrison locker cabinet (4 LI, mod/trans)


Books: floorplan – reference books (1 LI, mod/copy) NEW! @ The Seasons Story

Baskets: floorplan – wire basket stack (2 LI, mod/copy) NEW! @ The Seasons Story

Cigarettes: Nikotin – Cigarette Butts (1 LI, mod/copy) NEW! @ The Mens Dept

Jacket: Apple Fall – Old Coat (5 LI, mod/copy)

Locker Door: floorplan – the optometrist’s locker (1 LI, mod/copy)

Float On


Summerfest closes tomorrow! If you haven’t made your way over, or haven’t down your second tour yet, now is the best time. The sim is lag free, and you can shop til your heart’s content since everyone else is at Hair Fair. I actually might go back myself.. See you there!

Float On

Here’s your junk:


Raft: Cheeky Pea – Nairn Summer Raft (14 LI, mod/copy) @ FaMESHed

Hammock: 8f8 – Driftwood HAMMOCK (15 LI, mod/copy) @ Summerfest 2014

Chair: what next – Waterfront Chair (2 LI, mod/copy)


Cans: Cheeky Pea – Lightning Bug Can (1 LI, mod/copy) @ FaMESHed

Pail: Cheeky Pea –  Margarita Beach Bucket (1 LI, mod/copy)

Sandcastle: Cheeky Pea – Margarita Beach Sandcastle (2 LI, mod/copy)

Floaty: A.D.D. Andel – Pool Accessory Round Floaty (1 LI, mod/copy) @ Summerfest 2014

Ball: A.D.D. Andel – Pool Accessory Beach Ball (1 LI, mod/copy) @ Summerfest 2014

Lanterns: Cheeky Pea – Cassie Lantern String (3 LI, mod/copy)

Towel: what next – Island Beach Towel (2 LI, mod/copy)

Noodles: A.D.D. Andel - Pool Accessory Noodle (1 LI, mod/copy) @ Summerfest 2014

Sunscreen: Second Spaces – beach day dark tan (1 LI, mod/copy) @ Summerfest 2014

I’s The B’y


Summerfest is just.. I can’t even explain it. Really, you have to go there yourself and see how awesome it is. I’ve gone back a few times already, and I’m impressed each time; I always find something new!

Pilot has some lovely little decor pieces, perfect for pulling together your room and adding that special, nautical touch.

I's The B'y

Here’s your junk:


Table: Pilot – Coastal Sofa Table (1 LI, mod/copy) @ Summerfest 2014


Candles: Pilot - Nautical Piling Candles (1 LI, mod/copy) @ Summerfest 2014

Coral: Pilot – Coral Decor (1 LI, mod/copy) @ Summerfest 2014

Oars: floorplan – oar frames (1 LI, mod/copy) NEW!

Tall Vase: MudHoney – Chelsea Skinny Vase (1 LI, mod/copy) @ Rhapsody

Round Vase: MudHoney – Chelsea Glam Vase (1 LI, mod/copy) @ Rhapsody

Pelican: Pilot – The Ugly Pelican (1 LI, mod/copy) @ Summerfest 2014

Basket: Pilot – Maps Basket (1 LI, mod/copy) @ Summerfest 2014

Lights: floorplan – captain’s hanging lantern (1 LI, mod/copy) @ Summerfest 2014

Art: floorplan – navy tattoo prints (1 LI, mod/copy) @ Summerfest 2014

Blind: Pilot – Nautical Sade (1 LI, mod/copy) @ Summerfest 2014

Pillows: MudHoney – Chelsea Pillow (1 LI, mod/copy) @ Rhapsody

Rug: oyasumi – beach blanket (7 LI, copy) @ Summerfest 2014