I Have


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Previous Rounds

  • Commoner Break Up Survival Kit – Zanax
  • Silent Sparrow Pwnies – Rosa in holding

I Want


  • Aisling Monsieur Nino – Sand, Ginger, Snow, Ash, Cafe, Coal
  • Anc Ltd. Comet – Screen in
  • Erratic Oktoberfest – Beer in mabkrug x3, Pretzel Brezen x3
  • Fashionably Dead Posed Cats – 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 14
  • Flite Outsiders – Black, White, Red, Pink, Blue, Purple, Tan, Cheetah
  • Glow Studio – Stradic Necklaces in Europe, Autumn Watercolour, Bubblegum, Bloody Roses, Alpha
  • Half Deer A Forest’s Tale – Flower Crown, Sweet Butterfly, Key Heart Necklace in white, pink, latte, Blooming Button Bow
  • Le Primitif Gamer On The Go – Gamer Dude Decor, Gamer Dude Cartridges
  • Little Hopper Japanese Old Toy – Display Tricycle in red, blue, green, pink, black
  • Milk Motion Back To School – Cootie Catcher
  • Nylon Outfitters Quirky Cat Planters – Sleepy in painted red, painted blue, carved stone, Cat Head in unpainted, max, ziggy, polkadots, Standing Cat in china, folk, Boat Cat in fish, yellow
  • Remarkable Oblivion Melancholy – Ribbon Garter in midnight, Jeweled Bracers in midnight
  • Sari Sari Old School – Metal Case, Chalk, Flashcards in math, Notebook, Ledger, Library Books
  • Sleepy Eddy Moccasin Shoes – Brown, Dark Brown, Navy, Olive, Purple, Mustard, Turquoise, Tan, Camel
  • Sorgo Dusty Attic – Ouija Board, Tarot Cards
  • Teefy Chelsea Boots – Mint, Pink, Cream, Yellow, Lavender, Olive, Brown, Teal, Red, Smoke, Passion, Persian Orange, Sunshine
  • Tres Blah Workspace – Gold Mason Jar w/Roses x3, Silver Mason Jar w/Roses x3, Art Clutter, Pencil Holder
  • Yummy Pretty Princess Tiara Rings – Lady Heart Tiara Ring in blue, pink, Cutie Crown in pink, mint, Moon Princess in pink/blue, purple/yellow, Dainty Tiara in blue, silver
  • Zaara Maharani’s Boudoir – Choori Bangle Tree, Silver Jewelry Box, Attar Perfume Bottles

Previous Rounds

  • Oh La La – Rainy Curtain


  • Art Dummy Simple Things – Lemon Branches
  • Fashionably Dead Posed Cats -15, 16, 18, 19, 20
  • Flite Outsiders – White Studded, Black Studded, Red Studded
  • Le Primitif Gamer On The Go – Gamer Bag
  • Little Hopper Japanese Old Toy – Display Tricycle in pink rust
  • Nylon Outfitters Quirky Cat Planters – Pretty Boy, Pretty Girl
  • Remarkable Oblivion Melancholy – Collar in midnight
  • Sleepy Eddy Moccasin Shoes – Black
  • Teefy Chelsea Boots – White, Black
  • Zaara Maharani’s Boudoir – Chandelier

Rare are only for trade for

other rares or multiple commons.

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