Daily Archives: December 13, 2012



Cheeky Pea never ceases to have creative, and let’s face it, huge releases for Collabor88. One thing I love about the Chestnut Winter Camp is the fact that it can be used all year long. There’s a ton of interactive stuff, like the igloo and the logs with lots of ‘fun’ animations!


While the set comes with lots of wintery things (one of my favourites being the rideable sleds), I think the highlight of the set are the sleeping bags. Why, you ask?

There’s scripting inside that, when you sit inside the bag, causes the mesh to change and look like it’s covering you, like a real sleeping bag. Isla said this was an experiment to see if it could be done since she’s had requests to do so, and now that she’s figured it out, I’d expect lots more stuff like this in the future!