Treasure Hunt


There’s a whole slew of hunts going on and upcoming lately! Not only is Four Walls, a home and garden hunt, starting in little over two weeks, but there’s the Swimming Pool Blues hunt going on now, and the Summer Harvest Hunt, also starting September 1st!

Cheeky Pea is a part of Four Walls, and has released an adorable preview of an upcoming release. The Fly To The Sky Bench has attached ballons and a super neat dipped blue, which Isla said wasn’t inspired by my hair (though I’m not convinced). It comes with one couple and one friend pose, and a handful of singles. So cute!

Also for Four Walls, Pilot has a modified version of their first release, the Pipe Shelf. This time there’s nothing on the shelves so you can decorate it however you want!

And the Swimming Pool Blues hunt, which runs for the rest of the month, has some great stuff out. I love this hunt, maybe cause every gift is blue, but Urbanized has one of the best pieces of art I think I’ve ever seen. The Wall Arty has so many different texture change options, I honestly can’t count how many combinations you can make.

The Comfy Sofa from MM Home, also part of the same hunt, has these super cute pillows (again, I’m biased) and a page full of single animations.

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